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Internet marketing service for local business that works

We create results at seo10fold. We dont just create websites.
It’s a winning combination when you engage us.


Internet Marketing & Local Lead Generation

You need more customers “RIGHT”?

We can help you grow, expand and increase your bottom line.

The Internet is not just your website. Your business presence should be seen everywhere in your local area “RIGHT”.

Your internet Web presence is anywhere and everywhere your business can be found on the Internet. Small businesses such as yours are wanting to get more customers from the Internet, your entire online presence is important.

Stop Losing Customers

Are you losing customers to your competitors.

“Then its time to stop”

SEO10FOLD AN Internet marketing and Search engine optimisation company on the Gold Coast, provides website services for new and existing websites. We help optimise search engine results in your local Gold coast area and help get you to the front page of google. After all that’s where you want to be. “RIGHT”

Website Marketing

Website marketing is important to give your business exposure.

Anywhere in your region there are people searching for your products and services that you sell. We make it super easy for these people to become your customers.

Email Marketing Done For You.

We help you build a target market for your business to quickly build you a highly targeted list of customers and potential clients, giving you the ability to regularly tempt them to spend money with you.

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Local Internet Marketing at its best.

SEO 10 fold….Internet marketing and Search Engine Optimization on the Gold Coast

Simply means how we get customers to come to your front door, on the internet. That’s what you will receive when you engage SEO10FOLD as your Internet marketing online marketing TEAM.

Digital transformation of your business with the best SEO company on the Gold Coast. This is what we at SEO10Fold are about. Masters in the Universe on bringing LOCAL business to your door and your phone. The graph is a real life example of the success of our Internet marketing and Search engine optimisation campaigns.

Do you know how much money your business is missing out on. We will give a NO Obligation FREE analysis on your business.

Then you decide if you want a piece of the action.

We are sure that you want more sales being driven to your door as that is what we are all in business for.

There are many thousands of people that look on the internet now and on their mobile phones, ipads, notebooks.

Internet customers that you are missing out on.

SEO 10 Fold is the Brainchild of Steve Turner an Entrepreneur who has had many years in business and business management and launching websites.

SEO 10 Fold designs a SEO packages that suits your mission and goals as a business, with professional Website design, Marketing, SEO, and Social Media targets for your local market.

What is local seo anyway?

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”.

This simply means how to get local customers to come to your front door, after all that’s what you want. There’s a long description for it but that’s the simple way to understand it.

At SEO10FOLD we simply get customers to call you or come to your front door.

Local SEO is about making the Search engines like Google and Bing know exactly what your website is about. When these search engine are given the right signals and commands it allows you to dominate on Google in your local area allowing us to create a great internet marketing campaign and local lead generation programme.

Let us help you and ensure your website and your total web package is giving off all those signals.

Website design and mobilisation.

Your website exists to attract and serve customers “Right”. Your site needs to then be structured correctly to facilitate that. A beautiful site with lots of money spent that has all the bells and whistles on, but doesn’t convert visitors to leads or customers, then you’ve just wasted all your money. “Right”.

“Well lets fix it”

SEO10Fold builds mobile optimized, high converting, search engine friendly websites that work for you, 24/7. Your website will be the best employee you ever had.

Why do I need you?

Well you want to increase your business and have customers that are actually searching online for your service or product to actually call you so we make it easier for them to do that.

With millions of webpages on the internet, it is likely many businesses are similar to yours. When we search engine optimise your site for local rankings, your website will be found by the most qualified visitors. This means, people in your area, who are ready to buy your products and services.

SEO10 Folds  local ranking strategy includes:

  • Google verification with a complete and optimised Google Local Maps listing.
  • Your website listed in multiple relevant directories.
  • High quality and long term link building.
  • Optimised and relevant content creation.

​Each aspect of our Local SEO service is crucial to your website’s ranking and performance in the search engines. We work alongside a team who are highly skilled in these aspects.

Our focus is our mission and commitment to always  improving your business’s bottom line.

Website design strategy.

Designing your website must be creative and in support of your business model and form part of your Marketing strategy for your local lead generation campaign.

Website design is vitally important to your brand and market.
This includes: 

  • Logos,
  • Colours to use,
  • Website layout
  • Content and writing
  • Picture design and graphics
Social media and why?

Social media is an extremely important part of your total internet marketing strategy. It may not be something you like, or you may think you don’t have the time to do it. Thats where we come in. We can provide ongoing support and mentoring behind this as it is vitally important on the internet landscape. This additionally assists in one of the parts of you local lead generation strategy.

Our packages include part of a budget set aside to set, develop and maintain your social media platform.

This includes:

  • Social media accounts set up
  • Facebook
  • Yelp
  • Bing
  • Google Plus
  • and more

Performing a complete website audit enables us to instantly identify what is good on your site and where improvements can be implemented.

Click here for a free, no obligation analysis that checks your website, your current position in the market, and your top competitors.

How we implement local seo.

There are a few trade secrets in here and we are not going to divulge them to you, but we will give you some ideas.

When we analyse your website which includes your position in the market, you will see all the opportunities we present to optimise your business’s Internet presence.

There are many aspects to Local Search engine optimisation.
Some of these include:

  • Verification of your business in Google and other large search engines
  • Complete optimized Google Local Maps listing
  • Optimized Social Media accounts
  • Correctly completed Citations
  • Website Optimization
  • Off-site Optimization

Any design of  Search Engine Optimization includes the ongoing necessity of staying up to date with the latest information advances or changes, which requires skills and strategies because the search engines themselves continue to update and change their algorithms.

Email marketing.

Do you have 2,000 email addresses of customers who have purchased from you already. They are people who are interested in what you sell.

Imagine being able to easily let them all know that you have a special on, or an event happening, or sending them an exclusive discount.

This is a campaign you can run when your in a down time.

You can turn a usually quiet time into one of your most profitable times!

​These are just a few of the powerful options available to you with email marketing from SEO10Fold

Why analyse your site?

Like anything we need  a starting point. To understand your business and the clients online that are searching for your type of business or service.

Key questions include:

  1. Whats is your business?
  2. What is your target market?
  3. What are your goals?
  4. How many client do you want to capture
  5. What is your budget.

Is your existing search engine optimisation package actually working

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Your website needs to bring paying customers to you. If its not then it is failing.

Your business has a front door and your website is the front door to your local market. This front door can show up in many locations.

You need to take full advantage of this by being in what we call ‘POLE POSITION”

We will provide you with a free video analysis of your existing local internet presence. If you don’t have a website then we can show you what customers you are missing out on and the investment you should consider to get them. We work with you.

We can guide you with what you may already have and where you can optimize your business’s exposure to attract more customers.

Book a place on our contact form on this page to let us know about your special brand and business, and we will have a close-assessment of your existing position, and send you a video showing you what we find and what you can do to maximize your entire internet presence,or JUMP TO POLE POSITION HERE.

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