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We create results at seo10fold. We dont just create websites.
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Who is seo10fold

SEO10 FOLD Agency is the brainchild of Steve Turner. Steve and his team have many years in business having been the director and managing director on several boards, building and designing their online platforms and handling all the website design and implementation.

Steve has also built websites for small business using other Search engine optimisationcompanies and understands clearly the frustration in non performance with people who promise and don’t deliver.


“We help you get in the Drivers seat”

We have a TEAM of Search engine optimisation experts on board with international recognition.
This team provide input and research into each foundation block of your local business.

We have:

  • Research consultants.
  • Professional content writer.
  • Graphics people.
  • Video editors.
  • Web designers.
  • Citation writers.
  • Mobile APP developers.
  • and more.


Brad Campbell
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Fast lane.
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Stop paying people that cant deliver and
make the choice to take SEO10Fold onboard and get you into the podium.

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  1. Start by taking our FREE ANALYSIS on your website.
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Our Goal is to help bring clients to your door through the internet and web.

Our clients are small to medium sized people.

Did you know 85% of people who search on the Net call and go in and see you.
SEO10fold is here to make sure you have the best possible way of being on that STARTING grid in the FAST LANE.

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Your website needs to bring paying customers to you. If its not then it is failing.

Your business has a front door and your website is the front door to your local market. This front door can show up in many locations.

You need to take full advantage of this by being in what we call ‘POLE POSITION”

We will provide you with a free video analysis of your existing local internet presence. If you don’t have a website then we can show you what customers you are missing out on and the investment you should consider to get them. We work with you.

We can guide you with what you may already have and where you can optimize your business’s exposure to attract more customers.

Book a place on our contact form on this page to let us know about your special brand and business, and we will have a close-assessment of your existing position, and send you a video showing you what we find and what you can do to maximize your entire internet presence,or JUMP TO POLE POSITION HERE.

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