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Local Email Marketing That Works

We create results at seo10fold. We dont just create websites.
It’s a winning combination when you engage us.


Local Email Customers

You need more customers “RIGHT” ?

Are the customers who come to your website given an enticing way to join your email list and become an ongoing loyal customer. So you can market and sell to them time and again both now and in the future

We help build highly targeted email lists
for both existing customers and potential new customers. This is an extremely valuable and profitable strategy for your business.

SEO10fold offers a STARTING PACK Email Marketing Service that is quick to build lists of potential people who are interested in your niche business and who want to hear more of your products or services from you.

Our Starting pack Email Marketing service will increase your revenue by enticing existing customers to your business more regularly, and providing a front door for new customers.

We grow your list of customers and potential new clients by sending regular newsletters out to these people about newsy items and specials. You may like to provide social events and comment on them.

Running a regular campaign is important. Adding interest and engaging people to your list, enabling you to advertise at a very low cost, to a highly targeted and ever-growing group of people, each and every month.

How Valuable Is Your Email List

Did you know that people who have already purchased from you trust you now and will purchase again.
After all people keep going back to the supermarkets time and again.

The same magic applies to you business.

Contact us directly about how email MARKETING will drive business to your phone

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Your website needs to bring paying customers to you. If its not then it is failing.

Your business has a front door and your website is the front door to your local market. This front door can show up in many locations.

You need to take full advantage of this by being in what we call ‘POLE POSITION”

We will provide you with a free video analysis of your existing local internet presence. If you don’t have a website then we can show you what customers you are missing out on and the investment you should consider to get them. We work with you.

We can guide you with what you may already have and where you can optimize your business’s exposure to attract more customers.

Book a place on our contact form on this page to let us know about your special brand and business, and we will have a close-assessment of your existing position, and send you a video showing you what we find and what you can do to maximize your entire internet presence,or JUMP TO POLE POSITION HERE.

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